Manners Building Products Ltd commenced activities from very humble beginings, back in 1983. The company's first agency lines were centered around paint and decorating products and fledgling soon established itself as a preferred supplier to the major groups.

Securing the Fibatape agency via an overseas connection lead Manners into the drywall industry. Fashion wise, New Zealand in the late 1980's was still wallpaper driven and Winstones with a limited product range dominated the drywall industry. The available of specialist plasters to lead through into paint quality finish was then non-exsistent. Hence Hamilton materials with their diverse range of plasters and compounds (from California) were the ideal business partner for Manners to expand with. The ensuring 21 years association has lead to a strong business relationships. 

Nowadays Manners Building Products Ltd is a member of the worldwide INTEX AWCI association, and is recognised internationally as the forefront of industry development. Other agencies now added to Manners portfolio are the well known Strait-flex tapes, Marco paper tape, Rondo metal trims, Phillips metal paper trims and Auto-tools; Apla-tech and Columbia. These agancies now support Manners well established Hyde and Kraft hand tool ranges, which cover all trowel associated trades i.e Interior Plaster, Exterior Plaster, Concrete, Paint and Decorating and Tiling.